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Athletes with Disabilities Networks members come from diverse backgrounds within the communities we serve.   

Tax ID: EIN 81-1236552

vehicle campaign

Transportation plays an important role in the programs we provide because we have to transport participants who have limited access to transportation and adaptive sporting equipment.  We have grown as an organization and now have to tow a larger trailer to provide the services and assist some of the families by providing transportation to bring them to our events and our partner’s events. 

 We have a great opportunity to purchase a vehicle that would fill the need to be able to tow the larger trailer and transport participants and their families.  The cost of the vehicle is $10,000 and is a 2007 Chevy Tahoe with a third row seat and 60,000 miles on it.   We have raised $1,100 so far. This is one of two vehicles that we are in need of and is a great start and price to help us help others.

Danika Viola

Board Member, OT and Peer Mentor

Brandon C Holiday

Executive Director

Team USA Paracanoe

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To promote a better quality of life for disabled veterans and people with physical disabilities by creating awareness and offering opportunities to get involved with athletic, recreational and educational activities locally.

Matthew Johnson

Peer, Mentor, Kayaker

In memorium July 2017

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In order to reach the disabled veterans, first responders and community members we need to grow our mentoring program.  This means training more members within our coalition, and growing the coalition.  This cannot be accomplished without raising more funds for program.  Join the cause.

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Tax ID: EIN 81-1236552

Tax ID: 81-1236552

Help us impact our disabled community and loved ones today.