Athlete with Disabilities Network Northeast

Michael Braxton (Detective, Atlantic City Police Dept.) "After my accident, I was completely lost, there were no active amputees that I could relate to until I was introduced to Brandon Holiday. Brandon introduced me to Athletes with Disabilities Network and their programs. He spoke of an upcoming fundraising event, at the Phillies game to raise money for sports equipment for adaptive athletes. I would get to meet other amputees, see their legs and also what kayaking as an amputee is all about, as well as the kayaks themselves that were fit for people of several different disabilities, it was amazing. His heart, soul, and determination to "pay it forward" to others with disabilities are just what we need on the North Eastern US." 

​Participating in adaptive athletics “actually makes you feel new again,” Braxton said. “You lose a body part and you feel different. You have lots of questions. Then you meet people like you. This is all new, definitely the future, getting whole and getting your life together again.”

Richard Bullard- I am a Blind Vetean 50 plus.  I have been in survival mode for years, but now I am living thanks to Brandon.  I have met so many people at these events, all great!! I may not be an athlete now, but with their help I will be.  It’s a great organization and great volunteers that go way beyond the extra mile. .

Susan Lazarchick- I can attest to the quality of the work that Brandon C Holiday is doing. I do not consider myself an “ Athlete”, however most people with disabilities, myself included, can benefit from increased levels of activity.  For me, sometimes I have been hesitant to do activities that I did before.  Being supported in a group environment has helped me overcome many of my considerations and fears. ype your paragraph here.